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If you’re a newbie in the business and wants to reduce cost while adding more value, then you should opt for the so-called “Seat Leasing”. This alternative has taken the BPO world by storm. Seat leasing allows BPO firms to anticipate the cost needed to run their campaigns. A well-known company in Cebu is offering an excellent seat leasing service to over 100+ BPO/call centers.

Introducing BPOSeats.com

BPOSeats.com just started 4 years ago and has already garnered 4,000 seats and 100+ exclusive office spread throughout  4 prime locations in the city. Partnership with them for your leasing needs would bring tremendous growth and value to your company.

Below are some reasons that may lead you to work with them:

  • Practically all seat leasing providers ensure the security of the seats they provide to their clients. BPOSeats is one of them. Once you get to lease with them, all those awful memories of having to deal with substandard leasing will be gone for good.
  • Facilities are fully-accredited by PEZA to ensure to maximum performance for your operation.
  • BPOSeats.com’s staff and crew are more than ready and capable to assist you in providing you with your needs in running your campaigns.
  • Seat leasing options are tailor-made for clients who are looking for a cost-efficient method of acquiring a space.
  • Brand new computers are readily available for use. Server issues are immediately resolved by an IT support that’s always on standby.
  • Terms regarding the length of your stay are not fixed. Decide for yourself on how long you wish to use their facilities.

So, if you’re on the lookout for the best seat leasing services available out there today, look no further, BPOSeats.com has got you covered. Price starts at $130 per seat monthly!

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Amanda Elizabeth Aworuwa

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