Scale your Business Through Outsourcing and Using BPOSeats’ Powerful Tech

Scale your Business Through Outsourcing and Using BPOSeats’ Powerful Tech

How do you scale your business when you’re just starting? Outsourcing! Learn more about how outsourcing helps you scale your business by using powerful tools from BPOSeats most innovative tech! 

Outsourcing to Scale your business

“Lower cost, increased efficiency, access to skills or resources, increased flexibility…” These are common reasons most businesses outsource some of their product and service needs.

Outsourcing services provide customized business solutions perfect for your needs and resources.

Thus, your business can save operating costs than doing it your own!

Specific tasks only to outsource diverse, proven talents around the world. 

How cool is that?! 

And outsourcing human talents proved to one of the best ways for a business to survive and thrive.

How BPOSeats Tech outsource top talents for your business?

Through, an online platform designed to support startup and growing business enterprises for their human resources needs. 

☑️Select globally competitive talents in the platform from Asia to Africa for your affordable and customized business solution. 

☑️Send in your specific query, needs, or problem about your business, and trusted partners present their best solutions for your tailored business needs.

“Scalema asks for your problem and then presents a solution!” Gilbert, BPOSeats trusted partner.

☑️ The globally competitive talent is available to help you 24/7. You do not even need to search for talents, we will present them to you for free!

“One may wonder how one company can provide solutions to all problems. Gilbert continues.

☑️“Well, we have a network of trusted partners who are experts, professionals, and great at what they do. Through those trusted partners, we can provide a multitude of tailored solutions to several business challenges.”

Who provides your trusted partner’s office tools and technologies? employs several remote employees in the Philippines and Africa with a professional office space equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as computers, laptops, high-speed internet, and generator backup.

☑️And you will no longer have to worry about the technical and administrative support for your employees. Because BPOSeats has in-house IT experts and other maintenance personnel ready to assist. 

And that means you do not need to set up a physical office in another country. 

☑️That is more than outsourcing but improving your processes with time and resources efficiency, so scaling your business to another target audience is the next step!

How BPOSeats Tech track your remote team

BPOSeats has created a unique time tracking system to monitor your remote team productivity.

Learn more about this time tracker here.

HQZen Tech for your agile team single task management tool

HQZen is an online technology platform that your trusted partners are going to use seamlessly.

The team’s communication from its leaders and members and updates on some project goals are tracked on the Board ~ HQZen.

“ allows you to fully manage the status of tasks, progress and also has milestones that enable you to execute projects, not just isolated tasks.” Gilbert addresses.

Story points integration. 

“Agile teams like to use story points to understand the velocity of their teams.”

“And since the ApplyBPO Time tracker integrates with, task management, it is possible to give story points to the tasks – making it possible for employees to see the story points of the tasks they are working on.” 

So with HQZen, you’re not only providing your future trusted partners a powerful and intelligent ecosystem to manage easily team’s communication and productivity.

But giving them tranquility because the important tools they need work seamlessly in a single powerful online platform ~ HQZen, your project management tool.

Scale your Business Through Outsourcing and Using BPOSeats’ Powerful Tech Conclusion 

BPOSeats helps companies, large or small, startups or multinationals, to take advantage of outsourcing, from which few companies know and have benefited. 

And by using BPOSeats Tech powerful features in managing your business and remote talents that bring flexibility and accountability, you adapt your business to the major change of landscape in the workplace. 

Outsourcing is powerful with BPOSeats Tech!

Because BPOSeats uses a unique platform where talent or your future trusted partners leverage to produce innovative results and value so you can scale in no time! 

You are sensational. 

Your business in your home country is now going global. 

Step up your game to scale your business by outsourcing!

#Outsourcing is scaling with Tech!

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