Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from

Best Advantages of's Top Seat Leasing Options

Availing‘s best advantages from seat leasing solution can never go wrong for every outsourcing company looking for spacious, exclusive, and at the same time cost-efficient office space solutions in the Philippines.

A modern call center office that every BPO company should invest to inevitably support your team needs and fulfill your demanding online operations. 

Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from

All-in-one call center office solution & More!

For your team to start a business in the Philippines, continues to expand its facilities from Cebu, Mandaue and to Angeles Pampanga. 

  1. Call center office best packages cover predesigned, fully-furnished offices, brand new workstations with sound dampening carpets.
  2. Brand new computers with accessories and upgradeable capacities.
  3. Centralized airconditioned rooms that include a meeting room, pantry, clinic, and a serene lobby.
  4. Triple 150 Mbps high-speed internet (Globe/PLDT/Rise), upgradeable to 1000 Mbps to ensure near-zero interruption.
  5. Inhouse IT and administrative support always on stand 24/7 whenever you need them.
  6. Always free professional daily cleaning service. 
  7. Security personnel on sight night and day.
  8. Exclusive access to your office with CCTV’s and an RFID system.
  9. A Time Tracker to measure your team’s creativity and productivity in a day and for easy payroll computation.
  10. Only one (1) statement bill to pay monthly, so no more worries in monitoring many expenditures.
  11. Access to innovative technology solution. Coming soon!

  12. Recruitment solutions access for free through

Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from

Seat Leasing Competitive Advantage over a Traditional, Bare Office

Best Advantages of's Top Seat Leasing Options

Seat leasing solutions correspond to the demand of the BPO industry thriving in the Philippines for a more conducive office space solution. 

Top customer service is of utmost importance to deliver quality KPI’s (key performance indicator). 

Hence, brand-new and reliable technologies play a vital role in achieving your team’s overall performance. 

Traditional, unfurnished, and bare office solution oftentimes pose time-delay and only exacerbate capital requirements, so get ready with these challenges if you’re not opting for seat leasing!

Seat leasing is one sustainable and cost-efficient solution your call center company should take today.

Because you don’t have to worry about calling for different third-party suppliers or bid for prices since top seat leasing options offer you these best advantages of moving in today without delay. 

Choose your call center office now!

Whether you’re starting from 1-20 team members, we have an exclusive office for your teams.

And quickly expand to another location in Cebu or Pampanga as we continue to collaborate providing assistance and customized technological solutions for your online operation!

Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from


Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from

Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Options

Seat leasing is the way to maintain visibility and quick access to your customers every minute.

You don’t want to invest more time and resources in some bare offices that delay you from earning a profit, would you?

So if you’re with us who remain active and resilient in the pandemic by providing employment opportunities and creating more value to our product or service offered, then call us now!

We’re waiting to hear from you!

Avoid the hassle and time delay when expanding your call center solution in the country. Because top seat leasing options are here to serve you fully!

Visit us here and reserve your call center office in Cebu, Mandaue, or Pampanga NOW!

Best Advantages of Top Seat Leasing Option from

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