Meet Beth ~Client Success Engineer for Tech Team New Addition 

Let’s get to know Beth as she shares her valuable experience in the Philippines BPO industry today. And will learn her best tips on how she thrived in her career and what can we expect from her now that she started as a client success engineer for the Tech team.

Her amazing spirit for volunteering for good causes has tremendously increased her network and honed her leadership and communication skills.

And with over two decades of experience in the IT and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry in the Philippines and the US, she has become the most valuable addition to the tech team. 

Meet Beth~ Client Success Engineer
Meet Beth~ Client Success Engineer

Thus software team is thrilled to have her. 🕺💃

About Tech is a seat leasing company in Cebu and Pampanga Philippines. 

Meet Beth ~Client Success Engineer for Tech Team New Addition Productivity Tool

And pivoting to adapt to change, we are now developing as a SaaS company offering online tools for productivity and accountability for distributed teams around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new Client Success Engineer today~ Maribeth Dapiton!!! 


So, let’s get to know Beth (her nickname) as she shares her valuable experience during 12 years stay (8 years in IT) in one of the world’s leading BPO industries in Cebu City, Philippines.

BPOSeats: Tell us about your previous work experience? What was it like? 

Meet Beth ~Client Success Engineer for Tech Team New Addition
A product support specialist engaging with online customers

Beth: “My last work experience is a Product Support Specialist at Lexmark where I handled technical support for our clients around the world. 

And before that also, I had been working for web hosting support and graphic design. 

So technically, this is my game!”🔥 😀

You’ve mentioned being a volunteer for five years in a non-profit organization. Can you tell us more about that?

“I was part of the team that supports less privileged individuals to represent themselves before the court for a trial. Since then, I had fully developed my social awareness and use my voice for good causes.

And I am also a member -officer with a cooperative in Cebu, Lipiemco.”

Investment opportunities for Lipiemco members
Investment opportunities for Lipiemco members

“We help Filipinos prepare themselves financially for the future through savings and investment opportunities.

That’s why I get to meet many people from all walks of life and they became my friends and recommend me for both business and career opportunities.” 

How important are networking, leadership, and communication, and technical skills to master as part of your soft and hard skills to offer in a company you want to work with today? 

“I believe that if you want to become part of something, like in the organization, offer something to the table.

Leadership and communication skills can be learned. Before that, I was not keen on dealing with people. 

But through practice and being proactive with different challenges, along the way, you’ll learn the ropes and get better at it. 

You just have to be consistent, that’s the key.”

And what’s the most important accomplishment that you consider in your career so far?

Beth with her former colleagues

“Throughout my career, I am blessed to have been with companies like Lexmark who offer their employees leadership and career development at all stages. 

And I guess, being exposed to those colleagues and mentors who constantly offer you positive feedback and motivation helps you a lot to keep going. 

Because sometimes, the road is rough and all you have to do is assessing how this opportunity can help you and experiment with which formula works best for you. 

We live and we learn.

Just keep going and hold on to your true friends and mentors.”

And now that you’re part of, what are the roles and expectations of a Client Success Engineer?

Streamlining BPOSeats internal operations

“So, why I’m here?

To help streamline the process of our internal operations of all departments. 

And this is going to be an exciting task for me because I love helping startup tech companies succeed. 

That’s our goal.

And two things I must do to fulfill my role: 

  1. Creating client-facing-documentation to support HOW to do things on the tech and WHY.
  2. To bridge from clients to developers, providing input and direction on how to push the platform in a direction that will achieve value for existing clients and future clients.
  3. And more to come! So watch out! 🔥😀

And what is your impression of the tech is making? How does it help companies to achieve and measure productivity in the workplace?

“ has pivoted to a software company that adapts to the change of time. 

Especially in this pandemic era, businesses and workforce all over the world have been trying to cope with different challenges. 

  • How to utilize global teams? 
  • How to track productivity when you are miles away from your team? 
  • Is there a way to scale efficiently today?

And as a business owner, you want an accountability tool from your team if you want to sustain your business.

Thus, this Tech was born.” 

HQZen Board for teams' productivity measurements
HQZen Board for teams’ productivity measurements

HQZen~ developed by BPOSeats’ distributed team from the Philippines and Africa is a productivity online tool where your team meets and interacts on the online platform. 

It streamlines tasks assigned by your project manager to each team member, measures KPIs (key performance indicators), and centralizes your team’s messaging system.

Flexibility and transparency are what we are trying to cultivate and practice on the platform. 

We’re targeting SMEs (small and medium enterprises) especially from the West who don’t even know how the Philippines’ talents can help them scale their business at a fraction of a cost.

And our software developers team has been working tremendously for this and it’s now almost ready to rock your business and team’s productivity wherever you are in the world today!”

(It’s incredible to hear that from you~ coming from a techie perspective.)

So how are the team members of, were they friendly to you during your first day? 

“Haha! YES, they are all friendly. 

Most of our team members are half of my age, though! So they look at me like their elder sister, sort of “Ate”.😀

And my first impression on my first day is that people are dressed down ~ and it was a Monday! 👗🤵


(True, we don’t have dress requirements in the office. As long as you show up every day and bring that cherry!)

For anyone who wants to join the IT and BPO industry, can you also share with us some of your best tips and motivation on how to thrive in this demanding industry? 

“If you’re a techie person, it’s quite easy to get into a lot of opportunities in the IT and BPO industry. 

Just like me, I use my passion to get into the job and look at me now. I have become an expert in the technical field. 

I code, design, and create presentations with images like a professional and it’s a piece of cake for me to do that now!

And it doesn’t feel like a job anymore because this is what I love doing ever since! 

So lucky me!? 😀

But of course, I’ve worked for it very hard and if you have clarity with your objectives about why you want this job, then you’ll thrive.💪💪

Just be open for change and feedback.”

Any short- and long-term goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

“My two amazing kids have been my source of inspiration and to have them finish their higher education is one of my goals. 

There are just only 14 and 10.”

Coding for kids
Coding book for kids

“My eldest son is now learning computer programming and since he was a young kid, he wants to become a doctor in outer space. 🌌👨‍🚀

Crazy, right? 

(Yeah and I believe Elon Musk should find your little genius today!)😂

“Interestingly, my younger child has developed a keen interest in competing with almost all the extra-curricular and academic activities in their school.

Math contest? 



Yes! He has it!”

(I’m sure your younger son inherits some of your volunteerism spirits! 😀)

We’re expecting you to be very busy as a client success engineer, so how do you continue to maintain a work-family balance?

“I maintain a work-family balance by monitoring my daily schedule.

I’m doing my best to support all their needs and aspirations in life.

So, we set a time for work and set a time for family. My kids and I have movie night every Friday. 

I know being a single mother is stressful, but my two boys are very good and they don’t give me a headache.”😀💖💖


Streamlining the organization’s internal process for efficiency helps the team to save time and resources.

Thus is extremely lucky to have Beth’s reliable experience in the IT and BPO industry. 

And she has already shown us valuable recommendations and changes in just a few days of engaging with the different departments like the Operations, HR, IT, and the Tech Team.

So, we’re glad we found our client success engineer today! 

And we’re so excited to work with her like having a friend and a mentor for massive career growth, passion, and excellence to get the job done, right Beth?

As the saying goes, “Skew young and you miss insights, skew old and you miss new perspectives.” – Jennifer Liberto!

Welcome again to the Tech team, Beth~ our Client Success Engineer today.🤝

Get to know the software team in Cebu and Africa!

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