How BPOSeats distributed team tech helps simplify tasks and scale your offshore business?

How BPOSeats Tech helps remote team simplify tasks and scale your offshore business?
Your offshore team with tech and have full control

BPOSeats is working with its full-time distributed team in the Philippines in collaboration with software teams from Africa and the US to create a single online tool to simplify tasks so we can scale our business despite the financial crisis.

Addressing the need for disruptive technology to help offshore businesses thrive ahead of the competition and despite another economic turndown. 

And this is one reason BPOSeats Tech was born. 

Flexibility and accountability tools for your distributed team.

Because distributed/remote working has transformed the landscape of work during the COVID-19 lockdown, it has now forced most companies to accept the change lest they won’t survive their business. 

A nice tap in the back for those who have advanced themselves to remote work before the pandemic. 

For sure, most of them were equally overwhelmed that they didn’t lose their jobs and won’t have to worry too much about the effect of lockdown.

Though remote workers carry a lot of expectations and accountability to their employers.

Hence, some companies were not as adaptive to remote working because of the lack of online platforms available that offered accountability from their teams. 

Although there are now hundreds of online tools available in the market that offer incredible time tracking and productivity metrics of your remote workers. 

Choose the best option that fits your growing team’s values and priorities. 

And make sure the flexibility and accountability of those online tools have been recognized and implemented. 

With lots of software platforms everywhere, aims to create a single and powerful online tool that your diverse team can rely on upon without the need to buy many software packages. 

Get to know these online tools at trusted partners have been working on.

How BPOSeats Tech helps remote team simplify tasks and scale your offshore business?
Find career opportunities at the comfort of your phone~ 

This is an online platform BPOSeats clients used to post job vacancies for free. 

Also offers a database of job candidates who record their live and brief answers to most human resources interview questions. 

This way, in less than 1-2 minutes you get to see candidates’ communication ability, educational background, work experience, and some special skills. team review

“The tech helps employers manage their applicants in the employment process. It will also help the HR and employees in all their HR needs, including time tracking, productivity gauging (through our very own time tracker), filing leaves, filing overtime, etc. “

Trusted Partner: DANA WYLENE TAUTO-AN, BPOSeats Tech Role: QA Tester

ApplyBPO Time Tracker 

How BPOSeats Tech helps remote team simplify tasks and scale your offshore business?
ApplyBPO Time Tracker

The time tracker has been a very important tool for BPOSeats distributed workforce spreading from the Philippines to Africa. 

Your team’s employment information is in this tool, such as a role in the company, shift schedule, current payroll period, hours worked in a day, hourly wage, and total earnings for the day. 

Also, assigned tasks for each team member to do in a current milestone or sprint are specified here. 

201 files, contracts, Human Resources (HR) disciplinary memos, leave credits, mandatory government benefits of your teams are kept in the ApplyBPO Time Tracker Board to ensure efficient online system storage.

Removing too much paperwork from one employee at a time can make a difference in our mission to become more efficient with our time and resources today. Seat Leasing Services

If you prefer to gather your remote team in one professional office space in Cebu, Mandaue, or Pampanga Philippines, BPOSeats offers seat leasing options for your startup and growing outsourcing team.

Each team member has access to modern facilities in the office such as computers with Windows 10 operating system (OS), light and water, and high-speed internet connection.

And without noisy background since we equipped our offices with sound control and only your remote team can get access 24/7.

How Tech helps your offshore businesses in managing tasks and distributed employees?

How Tech helps your offshore businesses in managing tasks and remote employees?
HQZen~ a single productivity tool for your team


With lots of disruption happening before and during the pandemic, your remote team would prefer to work with harmony and peace, whether they are working from home or office. 

Hence, the passion of HQZen is to offer an entire ecosystem of tools on a single online platform that your remote employees will use to account for their work of the day and find tranquility. 

Because your team doesn’t need to use a lot of overwhelming tools that could only hurt their creativity.

So, the tech aims to offer a single and most innovative platform to offer your remote team the Board that simplifies the task one at a time with accountable results to deliver before a deadline.

Through HQZen Board, a team member adds a card for a new task to do. 

Track the progress of a task in the To-Do, Doing, and Done sections.

Communicate with your diverse team in a single messaging tool, included in the Board’s feature.

Coming soon: a fully simplified version of the Tech our remote team can get access only from BPOSeats.

What do the trusted partners have to say about the tech they’re working on?

BPOSeats tech team has been working tremendously to create online tools for offshore businesses that offer flexibility and accountability for both parties — the company and employees. 

And here’s what the BPOSeats tech team has to say:

“I believe that the BPOSeats tech would help the offshore team by providing an all-in-one type of solution that is suitable for most companies.”

Trusted Partner: Alec Jushua Uy, Role in the company: Android developer

I believe that the most difficult things for remote teams are communication and accountability. The tech solves these two pretty well. 

By integrating a board-like interface that shows different tasks and their statuses, plus the integration with the accountability tools to show who did what, and for how long, would communicate and account for anyone doing their tasks.

Trusted Partner: Robert Timothy Yap, BPOSeats Tech Role: Software Developer

 “BPOSeats can ease the burden of employers having to be present in the office, especially if they’re in a whole different country!

You can leave it to the staff at BPOSeats to settle HR and administrative functions, like doing payroll. The platform that we’ve built allows these employers to get a high-level view of productivity. And the tech allows us to do this all at scale.”

Trusted Partner: Jace Roldan, BPOSeats Tech Role: Web Team Lead

Get to know more about the other tech team members distributed from other parts of Asia and Africa~ they will become your future trusted partners to scale your offshore solution with the Tech!

How BPOSeats distributed team tech helps simplify tasks and scale your offshore business Conclusion.

Building a distributed team can be more engaging and fruitful when you have someone, like a trusted partner, to rely on.

Have full control in managing your offshore teams because the BPOSeats Tech is your most flexible and accountable online tool in managing your business with utmost flexibility and accountability.

And with that, we make sure you’ll have peace of mind and have more focus to invest in other income-generating activities to scale your business. 

Scale your business with BPOSeats distributed team now!

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How do distributed teams simplify tasks with BPOSeats tech?

BPOSeats tech helps simplify remote team tasks by integrating communication and project management channels in one powerful tech solution that offers flexibility and accountability.
Thus, you do not need to buy many software applications anymore.

What are accountability tools and why does your team need it?

Accountability tools help track your remote team productivity. Helps your business create timely decisions based on data captured.
A time tracker for your remote team that’s tied up with your payroll makes an excellent accountability tool that Tech offers.

What makes BPOSeats Time Tracker different from another accountability tool?

“BPOSeats Time Tracker integrates with payroll so, it doesn’t stop on tracking the time, but also feeds into the payroll – this makes it a walk in the park to pay employees.” Gilbert- BPOSeats Remote team from Africa.

How do I scale my business with BPOSeats Tech?

BPOSeats tech offers a custom-based solution to your business needs, thus it allows you to spend time and resources efficiently.
As a result, you get to invest more income-generating opportunities and scale your business.

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