24/7 live In-house IT & Admin Support for your Offshore Team in Cebu City 2021

Whether you’re building a startup or a huge offshore team in Cebu City, 24/7 live in-house IT and admin support is vital, so your team remains uninterrupted with their online engagements to your growing customers. 

24/7 live In-house IT & Admin Support for your Offshore Team in Cebu City 2021
IT and Admin Support for your team

Why do you need in-house IT and admin support?

Technical difficulties can happen at any second, and for your online business transactions, it could mean loss of customer interaction and CONVERSION!

This includes but is not limited to power interruptions and loss of internet connection. 

That’s why an immediate IT and admin staff at hand is an easy decision for your team’s technical support and product management.

BPOSeats.com exclusive office space for your offshore team in Cebu City offers your team Live and chat support to ensure your online business is up and running 24/7.

With 24/7 backup generator and 24/7 triple 150 MBPS, upgradable to 1 GIG fiber optic internet.

And because we understand how important it is to take care of your business, BPOSeats makes sure all the services you get from our seat leasing facilities are brand new and highly maintained. 

Easy steps for IT and admin support request

We employed BPOSeats IT workforce and service maintenance full time to assist your team’s technical needs.

Full-time Filipino staff has organized assignments and accountability for your much-needed support. 

24/7 live In-house IT & Admin Support for your Offshore Team in Cebu City 2021
Free daily cleaning service for your team

Whether it’s IT or administrative tasks such as cleaning your AC’s, your office space, light and water not working well, or unstable internet connection. 

We trained our local staff to do them all. 

Just post a sign right in front of your door that you need your office to get cleaned. 

Call or text for other requests and or go directly to our office on the ground floor or in the nearest lobby where our IT and admin staff are on standby 24/7.

The same easy steps for using our common facilities that you wish to use for some estimated time such as meeting rooms and or interview rooms.

How much does it cost you to hire IT personnel for your team’s support?

24/7 In-house IT & Admin Support for your Offshore Team in Cebu 2021

With BPOSeats.com IT and admin support for its seat leasing services in Cebu, Mandaue, and Angeles Pampanga.

So, you don’t need to worry about shelling out more resources to keep your team’s technical support.

Since this is already included in our guarantee of flexibility and accountability to your growing offshore team. 

Value-added services to ensure you have easy access to our modern facilities and convenience in setting up your business. 

Although BPOSeats.com allows you to bring your computers to our offices and at a discounted price, we gladly accept any technical help you might need. 


Leverage the affordability and flexibility of your offshore team in the Philippines.

Whether you’re employing call center agents, virtual assistants, ESL tutors, software developers, a team of freelancers, and other full-time employees. 

You can ensure reliability and productivity to your online activities with BPOSeats.com seat leasing options with 24/7 live IT and administrative support. 

Check out offices for your 1-5 team now! 

Need more seats for your growing business? 20-1000? 

We’re happy to customize your office space solution based on your preferences!

Choose your office today!

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