Insider’s Tips: How To Quickly Get Hired As A Software Developer in Cebu Today

Insider's Tips: How to Quickly Get Hired as a Software Developer

There are over a thousand software developer teams distributed across Cebu and other parts of the Philippines today.

 And they are increasing as the demand for this soft skill progresses from startup to multi-million-dollar tech companies leveraging the flexibility and affordability of Filipino talents.

These software developers are mostly employed by foreign companies hosting different online projects such as web development and technical support, android and IOS app development, quality analyst tester, among others. 

So, if you are one of these software development teams who works as a freelancer or with other team members working remotely from your employers, welcome, and continue to be exceptional with your amazing coding abilities.  

If not yet, and you’re quite interested in this in-demand-high-paying job in Cebu today, then continue reading! 

Why learn a software programming skill today?

As today’s world gets more advanced, with smart machines replacing most of our manual jobs for productivity, the demand for software engineers to create powerful tools is on the rise. 

In the business world, a lot of tech companies have developed different online tools such as project management, messaging apps, emails, tools integration, and employees’ online tracking systems for performance and productivity measures. 

The goal is to reduce time and resources inefficiencies in the workplace, so every business improves its operation, increases sales and conversion, and scales business to other income-generating opportunities. 

Hence, we continue to innovate and collaborate with affordable and sustainable business solutions.

Smartphones, iPhones, and 5G, 6G, outer space tourism, EV’s (electric vehicles), Mars invasion, Covid-19 vaccines discovery, are just some milestones our public and private sectors have poured enormous advancements for software skills in medicines, engineering, and marketing to offer the best product and service.

Because Software Development is the skill of the future

Insider's Tips: How to Quickly Get Hired as a Software Developer
Nadella said, “I always knew I wanted to build things.

  • Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and graduate of economics and physics is a genius in computer programming and is now disrupting the world with his out-of-the-box thinking. 
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and the richest man in modern history, is a computer engineer himself.
  • Bill Gates is a software developer and founded the Microsoft we know today. He’s one of the richest people on earth, too. 
  • And the new CEO of Microsoft today, Satya Nadella, was chosen because of his leadership and background in computer science. 

Nadella said, “I always knew I wanted to build things.”

  • Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, is also a computer programmer.

Thus, software skills, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are staples in today’s most in-demand jobs to drive inventors to create solutions to our world’s problems. 

Become a part of the skills of the future through learning any of those software skills today.

Where to get job opportunities for software skills?

Where to get job opportunities for software skills?
Sign up to ApplyBPO .com hosts hundreds of job opportunities in the Philippines for different company roles in the outsourcing industry today.

Include lead generation, software developers, call center agents, virtual assistants, ESL teachers, team leaders, among others.

Sign up for free today and record your online resume in 2-3 minutes in the cloud, and you’re ready to wait for employers looking for specific skill sets! Tech team in Cebu hiring of software developers tech team in Cebu is looking for highly interactive software developers to offer value to the tech they’re making. 

For the software developer skills, we’re looking for people who are experienced in:

  • Python / Django (for Backend Developers)
  • VueJS (for Frontend Developers)
  • ElectronJS (for Desktop)
  • Kotlin (For Android)

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

What skills are needed to apply as a software developer? 

  • “Logic and reasoning skills are the most important skills, then willingness to learn, and then communication skills.” Jerome, Full Stack Developer, Ph Team.
  • “The most important is the willingness to learn. Trends and knowledge move very quickly in this industry, so it’s very important that people catch up or risk being left behind.
  • Basic programming skills like problem-solving and knowing programming fundamentals are, of course, important as well.
  • Being a good communicator to better impart information to stakeholders and teammates is a plus.
  • Finally, being a fan of reading will help a lot. 80% of the time you’re reading code and thinking about how to solve the problem, not typing code. So being a fan of reading will make the process less cumbersome”. Rob, Project Team Leader, Ph Team.

Tips to pass from the software hiring team? 

Tips to pass from the software hiring team?
How to Join Tech Team
  • Keep learning! As a software developers, we learn new things every day and we shouldn’t be comfortable with the things we currently know.
  • We should always be hungry for knowledge and level up. Through this, you can become a very skilled software developer.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Keep learning to communicate and over-communicating isn’t a bad thing,” adds Jerome.
  • Showing a genuine interest in building things is a huge plus. Showing previous work is not really required, but it’s a really huge factor in swaying the decision.”
  • Communicating your thoughts well is also good. Finally, be yourself and have fun. The whole process is just one conversation. “
  • So speak a lot, ask a lot of questions. We’ll be happy to answer them if we can.” Rob also shares.

More tips on how to ace your software developer interview from one of BPOSeats. team leader, Jace Roldan.

  • Be prepared for technical questions. We see many people that aren’t ready to answer the basic programming questions or haven’t understood the essential Python / JavaScript concepts.
  • Link your GitHub profile. Or any related profile, portfolio, or personal website where we can see any projects that you’ve done.
  • Research about what we do in BPOSeats. It’s helpful with people who could be passionate about what we’re trying to achieve and understand our vision.

And what to expect in your role as a software developer?

You’re going to work with a software team in Cebu, Africa, and the US that is developing an integrated project management tool useful for companies employing distributed teams around the world. 

A high-paying-in demand software job with huge career opportunities and leadership skills experience through joining a software development team with

How’s that exciting?😲

Refresh your knowledge of computer programming now!

And get hired and paid to learn a software developer skill today!💰💰💰

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